AMEREN SERVICES COMPANY System Tester In Training in Maryland Heights, Missouri

Duties: Under immediate supervision, working as a member of a System Relay Services test crew or with a management person in the capacity of a learner in training for advancement to a skilled System Tester, over a normal 112 week period and in accordance with a planned program, to receive instructions and perform the work of a System Tester; to perform such work under the direction of a journeyman or management person; to do similar and less skilled work as required. As the trainee progresses in the program, the trainee shall be taught and shall perform more complex work with an increasing level of independence and responsibility. To the degree indicated in the various stages of training, to perform work such as: * Test, calibrate, and repair relays and metering devices. * Trace out, locate and repair trouble. * Perform tests on system equipment and customer equipment. * Test insulating qualities, perform necessary calculations and interpret the results of insulation tests. * Make functional tests of control circuits. * Make complete and comprehensive load checks. * Test recloser and sectionalizing devices. * Prepare necessary reports. * Switching, test and operate equipment with Workman's Protection Assurance responsibilities. SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: For service continuity and quality to the extent that these factors depend on accurate adjustment and proper functioning of the relays or other control equipment which is tested, adjusted or repaired. For equipment to the extent that its protection, when operating, depends on the proper functioning of relays and other devices which are tested, adjusted and repaired. For the safety of others to the extent that the trainee's performance might affect others; with advancement in the stage of the training, by making sure that equipment to be worked on is clear before others start to work. Trainees are expected to obey all safety rules and regulations. To drive a vehicle carrying tools and test equipment. For special care to prevent damage to the vehicle and the test equipment to the extent its operating is critical for calibration of relays. For special care to prevent personal errors in the testing and calibrating of relays and other control devices and in reporting data. Some assignments may require overnight stays. CONTACT: With employees of other departments, customer reqpresentatives, outside contractors and other utilities. WORKING CONDITIONS: Subject at times to outside weather conditions or work in unheated buildings; however, outdoor work is normally suspended in especially inclement weather. Subject at times to high temperatures, dirt, vibration, and to working in high places. HAZARDS: Hazards result principally from the possible failure of nearby electrical equipment and the dangers from any relaxation of the care required while working around high voltage apparatus. Subject to the danger of falling while handling test cables on equipment located at the various heights above ground, while climbing steel structures or working atop oily tranformers, circuit breakers, etc. Subject to possible electrical shock while working on equipment under test. QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from high school or succesful completion of a recognized high school equivalency examination. Have above average alertness and carefulness of observation and ordinary physical strenght and able-bodiedness. Must be able to secure and maintain an applicable Commercial Driver's License. Must be able to meet the applicable requirements for working at Callaway Plant.Employer's Job# 17482Please visit job URL for more information about this opening and to view EOE statement.