Bass Pro Shops Bill of Materials Coordinator in Springfield, Missouri


This position is responsible for coordinating Bills of Material activities with company-wide multi-department groups to provide BOM information required for specific project releases and product changes. This person will update the AS400 system on a regular basis. They will be responsible for the management of existing and new standard bill of materials and to expedite changes. They will set up planning bills and develop and maintain the Corporate Engineering Change Notice system. All new purchased part number item masters are created and maintained by this person. The role requires the individual to establish and maintain strong relationships between design engineering, plant engineering, product management, production control, sales coordinators, accounting and supply chain management. This individual must work with minimal supervision and be an innovative problem solver with excellent communication skills.


  • Develop and maintain an effective business process that is specific to and driven by the bills of material, i.e. experimental BOM, manufacturing BOM, planning bill, and configuration activities

  • Develop and maintain planning bill, BOM tools used to create sales invoices

  • Coordinate and maintain the Engineering Change Notice System, a notification system used by the company to report changes

  • Coordinate the creation and maintenance of model lists and options as determined by Engineering and Accounting

  • Create custom BOMS and routers based on product management’s request for new products

  • Resolve MRP discrepancies through multiple levels of BOM. Drive corrective action cross-functionally throughout other departments such a product management, engineering, production control, and materials

  • Coordinate (and lead) configuration review meetings consisting of manufacturing, engineering, product management, sales and materials. Help ensure team reviews and approves unique configured customer orders for accuracy

  • Participate in cross-functional teams to transition products and system functions

  • Establish cut-in/affectivity dates for build verification and production

  • Maintain database integrity through review and control BOM to ensure reporting accuracy

  • Analyze and maintain BOM differences by plant and ensure corrections are made as required

  • Perform data entry of BOMs into database

  • Assist in costing of new items

  • Collaborate with Sales Coordinators to activate and deactivate obsolete inventory on sales orders as required within that model’s engineering package specifications

  • Collaborate with Accounting to set detailed labor routers that synchronize with manufacturing floor locations for each model and internally-created assembly as needed to create proper cost-rolls.

  • Coordinate and maintain the Part Number Request System.

  • Maintain and develop the MSO data for each model as requested by Engineering and Accounting.

  • As needed, visit plants to investigate and resolve issues that relate to BOM Creation, Maintenance, and Coordination.

  • Establish and maintain library of images for item master parts so that they will properly link to the Online Parts Manual.

  • Create and maintain BOMs as requested by Customer Service for the Online Parts Manual and aftermarket parts components breakdowns.

  • Set up Multi-Manufacturing Parts records as requested by Inventory Control.


  • Related job experience preferred

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite

  • Must be strong and/or advanced in Excel

  • AS400 experience desired

  • Self-directed & self-motivated

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to create/maintain successful cross functional working relationships

  • High attention to detail

  • Must be trustworthy in working with highly sensitive and confidential information

  • Proven analytical ability

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Organizational and time management skills

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at once

  • Flexible with shifting priorities