Bi-State Development Light Rail Vehicle Engineer in St. Louis, Missouri

Job Description


Responsible for the successful operation of the Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) fleet by reviewing performance, analyzing equipment effectiveness and functionality, reviewing maintenance procedures and practices to ensure safe and reliable operation of MetroLink LRVs.

Essential Outcomes:

  • Recommends vehicle improvements based on sound engineering practices, to include design and fabrication of prototype circuits or components for testing.
  • Develops specifications for replacement systems, circuits, and/or parts.
  • Performs administrative and technical tasks in support of all vehicle, equipment, or parts procurements including specification development, prototyping, design review, first article inspections, systems integration, quality assurance and quality control, quality inspections, safety certification, testing, and post delivery acceptance.
  • Responsible for resolving technical and procedural issues.
  • Directs and participates in the troubleshooting duties on railcars; as well as upgrading the diagnostic capabilities of the workforce.
  • Temporarily assumes the responsibilities of the Maintenance Superintendent; whenever necessary
  • Responsible for development of training programs to teach and instruct maintenance employees in the diagnostic, repair, and maintenance of advanced electronic systems.
  • Communicates understanding and support of organization goals through actions and spoken and written records; interacts effectively with individuals and groups within and outside of the organization; keeps all interested and involved parties informed of matters requiring their attention.
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable policies, rules, regulations, and laws; stay abreast of legal, regulatory, and policy developments affecting areas of responsibilities; enforce legal and regulatory requirements impartially.
  • Meets with Agency management, staff, union employees, and contractors to obtain and provide information related to LRV design maintenance.
  • Make verbal and written recommendations for management.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of light rail vehicle design and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of procurement project management.
  • Experience with participation in design reviews, and first article equipment inspections, and development of replacement systems.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Required Experience


  • Degree:B.A./B.S. required.
  • *Field: *Electronics Engineering or related field.


  • *Years: *Ten (10), minimum, highly desirable.
  • Field:Rail Transportation Operations or related field.

Tracking Code: 292877-713

Job Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular