G.H. Tool & Mold CNC Machinist (Computer Numerically Controlled Machinist) in Washington, Missouri

KEY OUTCOMES1)Machining, programming, and operation of computer numerically controlled mills to produce required components of the die cast tool.iiESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS1)High school diploma or equivalent.2)Two (2) year technical degree or three (3) years equivalent experience in CNC machining.3)Ability to read blueprints and perform shop math calculations.4)Good oral and written communication skills.5)Physical ability to move, lift and/or push up to 50 lbs. on a frequent basis.6)Physical ability to walk/stand on concrete for the duration of the work shift, in increments of up to six (6) hours.7)Ability to effectively and safely use a wide variety of hand measuring tools, wrenches, files, and various small tools associated with CNC machining.8)Basic computer proficiency, including data entry skills and familiarity with various software programs.9)Adequate eyesight with or without corrective lenses (safety glasses are required) to perform required work with necessary attention to detail.iiORGANIZATIONThis position reports to the shop management position (i.e., Lead, Foremen, Supervisor, or Manager) for the assigned work center per the companyis Organizational Chart (MGMT-C-0282). There are no positions reporting to the CNC Machinist.i Regular interaction and communication with programmers, shop management, and other personnel is required.iiNATURE OF POSITIONThe CNC Machinist operates CNC machines and makes necessary measurements in order to manufacture parts within tolerance.i Accuracy and attention to detail are critical to this position.i The position involves frequent lifting, and standing through most of the shift.i Various cutting tools are used generating metal chips, and the consistent application of safe work practices is critical.i Regular attendance is required and considerable overtime is to be expected.i Operating multiple machines during shift is expected in certain work center assignments.iiiiESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF POSITION1)Machines necessary die cast components and precision machining of components after heat treat, according to print specifications and within acceptable tolerances.2)Responsibilities may includei manual or assembly operations, or testing of new tooling where appropriate.3)Maintains a safe and clean work area, as well as preserves safe machine tool practices.4)Communicates with other departments and shifts to ensure efficiency and quality of parts being made.5)Can effectively identify problems with machined pieces and report to shop management.i6)Uses overhead cranes safely on die casting molds up to 30,000 lbs and lift magnets.7)Consistently completes jobs in a timely manner while maintaining a high quality standard.8)Understands and obeys company safety rules.9)Works in area and/or operates machines as assigned by the company.10)Maintains attendance record in accordance with company expectations (as specified in Employee Handbook).11)Consistently displays professional conduct in the workplace.12)Maintains productivity during work hours.13)Works assigned hours and overtime as needed; some on short notice.14)Follows QMS guidelines/system in producing work as well as staying current with training requirements.15)Helps develop cost reduction in manufacturing processes and develop suggestions to improve processes.16)Applies, and helps develop, techniques to maximize machine/spindle up time and communicates to other shifts and supervisor.17)Performs any required preventive maintenance in addition to normal daily upkeep of machinery to maintain equipment in good working order.18)Performs all required in-process inspection and documentation per QMS standard.